DentoSystem is a medical technology company in the area of oral health. Modern research is constantly providing evidence of potential links between poor oral health and systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s.

The company has developed a new and patent pending method for early identification of individuals and individual teeth at greatest risk of developing periodontitis. DentoSystem’s products comprise unique analytical and decision tools for dental professionals to use in the risk assessment and prognostic management of chronic periodontitis.

DentoSystem´s products help simplify discussions with patients and contribute to better oral health through the early identification of individuals who are at risk of chronic periodontitis, as well as which teeth are at the greatest risk. DentoSystem’s products contribute to improving the quality of oral care and reduce costs.

All of DentoSystem’s products are CE marked and approved for sale in Europe.


DentoRisk® Patent pending web-based system for periodontitis risk assessment including prognosis for individual teeth in high risk patients.


DentoTest® A unique patented method (skin provocation test) that evaluates a patient’s ability to mount an adequate inflammatory response.


DentoPlan® A web-based system for treatment planning. The system allows real-time simulation of intervention options and evaluation of their effects on the prognoses for individual teeth.