DentoRisk® is an internet service providing real time risk assessment for periodontitis.
Dental professionals gather a lot of vital information on their patients through examination and patient health declarations. This information has typically been entered into static journal systems that simply store the information for future reference. For a complex disease as periodontitis, this methodology has proven inadequate. As a result, preventive and treatment measures are unnecessarily delayed, allowing disease progression to cause further damage until symptoms become obvious or even painful.

Instead of simply storing information, DentoRisk® addresses the complexity of the disease by processing the patient information using its proprietary disease model. Around 20 risk factors are weighed together to generate results that are easy to understand and communicate.

Accessing DentoRisk ® through a web-interface, the dental professional enters patient information into a secure system and receives results instantly.
The first level of DentoRisk® offers a quick screening, based on observations from a general dental examination, to determine if a patient is at an elevated risk of developing periodontitis.
If an elevated risk is indicated, DentoRisk® includes a second level where information from a detailed periodontal examination is entered. This analysis instantly generates a prognosis for disease progression for each individual tooth. Results are presented in an overview where each tooth is color-coded depending on the predicted rate of disease progression. DentoRisk® also identifies and ranks relevant risk factors for the patient and individual teeth.

Armed with an objective prognosis and information on specific risk indicators for each tooth, the dental professional has a solid foundation for treatment planning. DentoSystem provides further support to the dental professional in this important phase through the treatment planning tool, DentoPlan®.