We offer dental professionals a cost effective method to assess patients’ risk levels in the development of chronic periodontitis allowing early and targeted preventive measures as well as a tooth-by-tooth prognosis.

We provide innovative, user-friendly tools that support the dental professional in deciding on tooth-by-tooth prevention and treatment options.

Our products facilitate communication between the dental care team and their patients, thereby improving patient compliance and adherence.


By 2018 DentoSystem is the global leader in periodontitis risk assessment and management. Risk assessment is a natural part of dental visits and a standard procedure included in the training of dental professionals. Our products reduce patient suffering and lower the costs of dental care, improving the prospects of teeth for life.

DentoSystem’s products will be used as a standard tool during health examinations and mapping of systemic diseases and other conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, COPD and Alzheimer’s disease etc.