Risk and Prognosis assessment

Specialists, dentists in general practice and dental hygienists record a wealth of information about patients with periodontitis. The information is only used rationally to a small degree as the information is often too overwhelming and extensive.

DentoRisk® solves this problem. DentoRisk® is an analysis and conclusion supporting programme for the risk and prognostic assessment of patients with periodontitis. DentoRisk® is also a medical records programme for the registration of periodontitis that replaces the often insufficient periodontitis section in current medical records programmes. Use of this avoids duplicate registrations.

DentoRisk® captures all of the major factors affecting the prognosis for periodontitis for both the patient in general and for the individual tooth. The system also includes a new category of factors (the patient’s inflammatory response) that is tested using a simple clinical test (DentoTest®).